As unpleasant as the thought may be, a huge percentage of people across Australia have to deal with domestic and family violence. These are never acceptable, but fortunately, there are numerous actions you can take to protect yourself.

One thing you could do is apply for a restraining order for the person who has been violent against you. In short, a restraining order prevents the specified person from coming within a certain distance of you and anyone else named in it, providing a level of protection for you.

Below, we’ve outlined five reasons why you should consider applying for a restraining order if you’re suffering through family or domestic violence.

  1. Nobody Should Have to Deal With Violence

If you have a partner, ex-partner, or someone else who is violent against you, applying for a restraining order could be a very good idea. Nobody should ever put up with violence, and we’d highly recommend speaking with family lawyers about restraining orders ASAP if you’re in a violent situation.

  1. You Will Be Able to Get Your Life Back on Track

Unfortunately, violent relationships, even de facto, are becoming increasingly common, and they often leave the affected individuals mentally and physically scarred. Applying for a restraining order can be a great way to restart your life and get back on your feet. If you’re successful with your application, you will basically be able to move on without fear of this person negatively impacting your life again.

  1. The Conditions of the Order Will Be Clearly Set Out

One of the best things about restraining orders is that they clearly set out the conditions of the order and how it should be enforced. In some cases, you will simply have to stay a specified distance away from the affected. However, many other restrictions can also be imposed, ensuring you’re fully protected at all times.

In most cases, restraining orders last for five years. However, they can be easily extended or removed if required.

  1. You Will Be Able to Change Your Life for the Better

Getting a restraining order may seem like a big step, but it could be just what you need to get your life back on track. Being in an emotionally, physically, or sexually abusing relationship can be extremely difficult, limiting your growth as a person and your ability to improve your life.

If you apply for a restraining order, you will be able to move past these problems and, if you’re motivated enough, change your life for the better.

  1. You Won’t Have to Worry All the Time

If you’re in an abusive situation with a partner, ex-partner, stalker, or someone else, things can get very difficult mentally. As you can probably imagine, constantly being worried about someone hurting you can take a huge toll on your health and wellbeing. Applying for a restraining order will help remove this worry, allowing you to grow as a person and improve your overall mental health.

Final Word

Ultimately, restraining orders exist for a reason. If you’re in an abusive relationship or are having trouble with a stalker or other person bothering you, we’d highly recommend speaking with a family lawyer. They will be able to help you decide whether or not to apply for a restraining order, guiding you through the entire process.

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