4 Facts About Court Fees And Compensation For Those Found Not Guilty

You have given your evidence in court, you have been cross-examined by the prosecution, and now you sit anxiously in the courtroom as the verdict is about to be read out. You hear the two words that you are longing for, “Not Guilty” and as you feel relieved, a thought might enter your head, “What next?”.

It is a thought many people who have been found not guilty have, because whilst we all know the repercussions of a guilty verdict, few people are aware of what next steps there are when the verdict is not guilty. In most instances, it is not just a case of thanking your criminal lawyer and heading off for a celebration, as there are other considerations.

These are likely to include many of the financial aspects of your criminal trial such as court fees, lawyer’s fees and whether or not you might be entitled to compensation. To give you some guidance on these, here are four facts you should know about compensation and fees following a not guilty verdict.