One aspect of family lawyers that many people do not appreciate is that they are a business in the same way that their local restaurants, car repair centres and retail stores are all businesses. When we say “people” we are referring mainly to those who have never employed a family lawyer. However, and sad to say, we also have to include some family lawyers who, for whatever reason, forget they are running a business.

The consequences of that can range from slight to severe, and by severe we mean that the very existence of their business is put at risk. Some of the specifics can include not having an organised office, failing to ensure the finances of their family lawyers business are sound, and worst of all, not appreciating that each client is a customer who should be offered the best of service at all times

Whole libraries of books have been written about customer service and countless video courses seek to teach the subject. We are sure you treat all your clients well, but also know that anything else which could be included in the service you and your employees provide clients can only enhance their experience. As such here are five customer service principles that you should ensure are applied by all who work in your family lawyers business, including yourself.

Make Every Client’s First Impression, A Great One

Nothing can harm or enhance a client’s view of your family lawyers business more than the first impression you give them, and the rub is you only get one chance to make that first impression. Ensure your telephones are answered with a warm greeting, your offices are clean and welcoming, and that every client’s first interaction with anyone within your office makes them feel they are important to you.

Be Timely In Everything You Do

Everyone hates delays and their time is being wasted, and this is something you should be aware of. Within the systems, you have within your office ensure that all clients’ time is respected and thus emails, letters, telephone calls and any other messages are acknowledged immediately and dealt with or replied to promptly.

Have Answers For Every Question And Query

Undoubtedly, you get requests and queries across a plethora of different subjects concerning family law. It is therefore important that the person who deals with each one is the most appropriate, and thus the most knowledgeable on that subject. This will ensure that each query is answered fully, rather than unsatisfactorily, or worse, given a stock answer which simply annoys the client.

Listen Intently To Every Client

In our modern world of instant communication, the tendency is for people to want to be heard rather than listen to what others are saying. If this occurs in your family lawyers business it is a huge problem. Instead, you must encourage everyone to hone their listening skills as listening intently to what clients are saying is guaranteed to have those clients praising your levels of customer service.

Follow Through On Promises And Commitments

Nobody likes to feel they have been given the brush off, or that their concerns are not being taken seriously. An obvious way to ensure that this is not the case for your family lawyers business’s clients is to ensure that everyone within your office has the mindset that they will follow up and follow through on all commitments and promises they make to those clients.