Pros And Cons Of Using A Nominee To Buy A Bali Villa For Business Purposes

Pros And Cons Of Using A Nominee To Buy A Bali Villa For Business Purposes

For anyone considering starting and running a Bali villas business whereby you rent their use of the villa to tourists, there is a huge fly in the ointment which you may not yet be aware of. We say fly, but in truth, it is more like a giant eagle in the ointment such as is the problems it creates. We are talking about Indonesian law, which states that no foreigner can own property in Bali.

When entrepreneurs hoping to start a Bali villas business discover this huge legal roadblock, it is often enough for them to ditch their plans and seek another business model. However, as with any law, there are ways, not to break it, but to swerve it. In the case of owning property in Bali, some entrepreneurs use a nominee to purchase a villa for their business.

A nominee is an Indonesian citizen who agrees to have the property ownership registered in their name, however, it is you that finances the purchase, and then has use of the villa for your holiday rental business. We should point out using a nominee carries huge risks, and so we thought it best to point out some of the pros and cons of buying property in Bali with the help of a nominee.


4 Facts About Court Fees And Compensation For Those Found Not Guilty

You have given your evidence in court, you have been cross-examined by the prosecution, and now you sit anxiously in the courtroom as the verdict is about to be read out. You hear the two words that you are longing for, “Not Guilty” and as you feel relieved, a thought might enter your head, “What next?”.

It is a thought many people who have been found not guilty have, because whilst we all know the repercussions of a guilty verdict, few people are aware of what next steps there are when the verdict is not guilty. In most instances, it is not just a case of thanking your criminal lawyer and heading off for a celebration, as there are other considerations.

These are likely to include many of the financial aspects of your criminal trial such as court fees, lawyer’s fees and whether or not you might be entitled to compensation. To give you some guidance on these, here are four facts you should know about compensation and fees following a not guilty verdict.


5 Customer Service Principles Everyone In Your Family Lawyers Business Should Adhere To

One aspect of family lawyers that many people do not appreciate is that they are a business in the same way that their local restaurants, car repair centres and retail stores are all businesses. When we say “people” we are referring mainly to those who have never employed a family lawyer. However, and sad to say, we also have to include some family lawyers who, for whatever reason, forget they are running a business.

The consequences of that can range from slight to severe, and by severe we mean that the very existence of their business is put at risk. Some of the specifics can include not having an organised office, failing to ensure the finances of their family lawyers business are sound, and worst of all, not appreciating that each client is a customer who should be offered the best of service at all times

Whole libraries of books have been written about customer service and countless video courses seek to teach the subject. We are sure you treat all your clients well, but also know that anything else which could be included in the service you and your employees provide clients can only enhance their experience. As such here are five customer service principles that you should ensure are applied by all who work in your family lawyers business, including yourself.



5 Essential Matters You Must Attend To If You Are Preparing For Divorce

For anyone who has separated from their spouse or partner and is now preparing for divorce, there can be a range of emotions that they go through, including anxiety, anger, sadness, and we dare say in some cases, relief, and maybe even joy. No matter which emotions exist, it is also important to think clearly and make the right practical decisions, and part of that will include seeking advice from a divorce lawyer.

Having a divorce lawyer from Family Law Assist with which you can discuss your divorce, seek advice, and ask them to prepare the necessary legal documents which need to be submitted to the Family Court, can remove a huge burden from the mind of someone going through a divorce.

Nevertheless, although your divorce lawyer can undertake lots of the necessary legal requirements, there are other practical matters which you need to consider, some of which impact your immediate circumstances, and some which will have an impact in the longer term.

We have pinpointed these practical matters under 5 different aspects of separation and divorce, so here they are as a mini-guide to what you need to plan for.


Can Same sex Marriages End In Divorce?

Can Same sex Marriages End In Divorce?

Society has seen many positive changes in recent years with regards to our individual and collective rights and one of the most significant of them is the right for same sex couples to legally marry. However, this begs the question as to how divorce is regarded with respect to same sex marriages and this is often where a lawyer that specialises in family and divorce such as, is needed to advise or help.

The journey to where same sex couples could legally marry has been a long one, and it may surprise some to read that the right to do so was only legislated for as recently as December 2017. Until then, it was the marriage Act of 1961 that was the primary legislation that applied, and in addition, an amendment in 2004 to that act which stated that marriage was a union between a man and a woman.

The reason this amendment was added was due to couples who had legally married overseas returning to Australia, and the conflict between the legislation that existed with regards to what constituted a legal marriage  and those same sex couples wanting their marriage to be legally recognised in Australia.

A major change that resolved this issue took place in December 2017, which was a further amendment to the Marriage Act, and in particular, a change in the definition of marriage. The new definition states that the union is between ‘two people to the exclusion of all others’, which obviously has no reference to which sex either of those two people is.


The Responsibilities Of A Company Director

The Responsibilities Of A Company Director

When you are an employee of a company, the responsibilities relating to your role are usually made clear before you begin your employment, most likely by means of a contract of employment which will have been created by, or with the help of, a commercial lawyer at However, one role within a company where the responsibilities are often not as clear and specific is that of a company director.

If you think about it, with many job roles you could likely list several of the duties that they would perform, and for many, there is a clear career path with a clearly identified training and development. A couple of examples would be a company accountant and a sales manager.

Even if you do not anyone who has these jobs, nor done them yourself you could hazard an educated guess that the accountant has passed several accountancy exams and is highly skilled and experienced with regards to finance, business tax systems, and obviously how to produce accurate financial accounts.

For the sales manager, it is almost certain they were at one point a highly successful salesperson and went through plenty of coaching and training and then showed that they were capable of teaching and managing others to do likewise.

The point we are making is if you were to ask 100 people what the career path to becoming, and what were the responsibilities for lots of job roles, most of them could do so to with reasonable accuracy. However, if you were to ask the same 100 people those questions with regards to becoming a company director, we are sure the answers would vary enormously.


Online Marketing Strategies for Personal Injury Lawyers - Part 5 - Website Redesign

Online Marketing Strategies for Personal Injury Lawyers – Part 5 – Website Redesign

We are going to assume you already have a website, but the question that must be asked is does that website really project the image of your personal injury legal practice as one that is professional and successful?

First impressions count a lot, especially online, and if the first thing anyone landing on your website sees is an outdated site with low-resolution images, and content that is either sparse or too difficult to read, then they will be clicking away from your website quicker than you can say ‘Case closed’

What would make this even worse is if you had taken the time and spent the investment necessary to successfully implement some of the strategies we have already mentioned to drive traffic to your website, but due it being so poor, none of that traffic converted into paying clients.


Online Marketing Strategies for Personal Injury Lawyers - Part 4 - Social Media

Online Marketing Strategies for Personal Injury Lawyers – Part 4 – Social Media

Many business owners particularly those involved with professional services within the legal, medical, or financial sector seem to turn their nose up at the thought of using social media to promote their business, for reasons which defy logic.

Many believe that social media is ‘just for kids’, ignorant of the fact that there are literally hundreds of millions on social media over the age of 35.

The other point they miss is that social media is exactly the place that those who may need these kinds of services go to vent their anger or frustration. For example, someone who has been injured, and think it is the other person’s fault, will happily broadcast to the world about the incident, and their social media friends or followers will offer advice.