Many business owners particularly those involved with professional services within the legal, medical, or financial sector seem to turn their nose up at the thought of using social media to promote their business, for reasons which defy logic.

Many believe that social media is ‘just for kids’, ignorant of the fact that there are literally hundreds of millions on social media over the age of 35.

The other point they miss is that social media is exactly the place that those who may need these kinds of services go to vent their anger or frustration. For example, someone who has been injured, and think it is the other person’s fault, will happily broadcast to the world about the incident, and their social media friends or followers will offer advice.

if you have a presence on social media such as a Facebook page, especially in your local area, it could be that someone mentions you, and by searching within the Facebook search bar, the person who needs the services of a personal injury lawyer finds you. Admittedly that might be a simple example, but one thing is certain they will not find you on social media if you are not there.

One thing that may put you off is the thought of have having to come up with ideas for posts and the like, but you can hand all of that over to others such as a local marketing agency, who will research, create and publish all your social media posts.

Online Marketing Strategies for Personal Injury Lawyers – Part 5 – Website Redesign