You might think that the world of personal injury lawyers is all about negotiations, finding evidence of negligence, and trying to get their clients the highest possible compensation.

Whilst all of that plays a big part, you should also know that it is an extremely competitive industry, with the fight to gain new clients every bit as fierce as it is to get those compensation cheques.

There are many ways a personal injury lawyer’s business can attract new clients, but one of the most effective is to ensure that their website is near the top of the search engine rankings whenever someone in their catchment area searches for a personal injury lawyer with their town or city as part of that search term.

Another way to generate traffic is to use paid advertising which can bring quick results, albeit at a cost. Email marketing often gets a bad press, but it is one of the most effective ways of turning potential clients into paid ones.

Social media is another way of generating clients that is often overlooked and also ensuring that their business’s website is up to date and giving a great first impression is extremely important.

Each of these five ways for personal injury lawyers to market themselves online with a view to creating paid clients requires a further explanation so please read on and we will do exactly that.

Pay Per Click Advertising

If you want instant results in terms of traffic coming to your website within the hour, and you have the budget available, then using pay per click advertising is the means to do so. Following some keyword research, you can create your ad, fix the price you are prepared to bid per click, set your daily budget, and click for the ad to go live.

You could literally start seeing traffic coming to your website via the ad within a few minutes, and it will continue as long as can afford to fund the advert running. It may sound ideal, but it is not all plain sailing.

First, the cost per click in business niches such as legal services can be extremely high, so if this is the route you wish to follow, make sure you have the funds to back it up.

Another point is that the keyword research needs to be thought through very carefully so that you are bidding on keywords that are most likely to bring you clients who are ready to pay for your services. Also, finding keywords that other lawyers have overlooked is a skill, and one which can greatly reduce the average cost per click you are paying.

Trying to bypass all this research is what has seen many business owners spend thousands of dollars for no results to show for it. This is why if you are thinking of using paid advertising such as pay per click, you need to consult with experts in PPC beforehand.

You should employ them to research and set up your PPC campaign to ensure it works effectively and create sufficient traffic that generates a return on your investment, rather than draining your funds.

Online Marketing Strategies for Personal Injury Lawyers – Part 2 – Email Marketing