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At Goodsell Lawyers, we focus on specialist areas, providing pragmatic advice and contracts for any tax or commercial transaction or dispute. Goodsell Lawyers predominantly serves start-ups, small and medium enterprises. We are passionate about what we do – helping your business be the best it can be. Our expert legal advice, dispute resolution and litigation services will put you on the path to achieving your goals in the most efficient and cost-effective way. We are true specialists. Goodsell Lawyers are boutique and make it our business to know everything about tax and commercial law ... only.  

The legal services market is congested with many law firms touting for your business. The main differentiator between Goodsell Lawyers and our competitors is that all our lawyers trained at top-tier or global law firms. This gives us a distinct edge over our competitors. For a specialist tax or commercial / corporate lawyer in Sydney who truly understands business and will be on your side from beginning to end, contact Goodsell Lawyers today.

Don't trust your valuable commercial legal documentation to a 'website' law firm. Commercial law work is complex and needs to be tailored to your circumstances by a commercial lawyer who you can build a long-term relationship with. We are often approached by people who become our clients who have tried these law firm websites and are very unhappy with the generic documents they have received.  

Our Areas of Service

At Goodsell Lawyers, we provide three key areas of service: legal advice, documentation and dispute resolution / litigation. We have a specialist focus on corporate and commercial / tax law matters to give you and your business the tools you need to succeed.

Some of the services we offer include:

Tax Law: Goodsell Lawyers can provide clients with specialist advice on all areas of direct, indirect and international taxation including income tax, capital gains tax, and GST. We can also assist with dispute resolution, audits and single-issue reviews to ensure smooth, efficient outcomes that are as beneficial as possible to all parties involved. 

Commercial and Business Law: We understand the risks and complexities involved with commercial transactions and can provide pragmatic advice, solutions and services to assist you with business sales and purchases, compliance, contracts, business structuring, succession, disputes and more.

Corporate Law: We can advise corporate clients and companies on all aspects of corporate law including corporate governance, employee share ownership, regulatory governance and compliance. 

Financial Services Law: Goodsell Lawyers can assist boutique financial services providers with their regulatory, licensing and disclosure obligations. We can also advise on best interests obligations and remuneration. Goodsell Lawyers also advises on financial products and prohibited conduct relating to financial products and services, as well as insider trading. We specialise in AFSL applications / variations.  

Franchise Law: Goodsell Lawyers can deliver a full-service strategy for franchisors and franchisees including advice for buying or selling a franchise, relevant legislation and compliance, preparing franchise agreements and disclosure documents, and franchise dispute management and resolution. We can also provide proactive advice and strategies to ensure you are ahead of the curve of key legislative changes.

Litigation & Dispute Resolution: Our aim is to minimise the disruption that accompanies disputes by providing responsive legal advice and prevention strategies while also mitigating risk and exposure, protecting your reputation and reducing uncertainty. Goodsell Lawyers can partner with you to tailor a timely and cost-effective solution.

We advise clients across all industries, including financial services and media and entertainment. 

The Goodsell Lawyers Difference

Ideally positioned to guide your start-up, small or medium business through the complex areas of corporate and commercial law / tax law, we are proud to deliver the Goodsell Lawyers difference to every client we work with.

A passion for people and for what we do: We value you as a person and not just a client. We are passionate about helping you achieve your business goals, and it shows in our service. Take a look at our testimonials to see what our clients have to say.  

Exceptional service: We take the time to learn about your matter so that we can provide a bespoke solution and we always strive to go above and beyond. Our view is that the attorney/client relationship is just that – a relationship, and a long-term one at that. We want to create a lasting impression and provide affordable fees and exceptional service in order to achieve this.

It is important to us that all work we complete is tailored according to your circumstances and requirements. Goodsell Lawyers also always ensures that clients are able to review and comment on a draft of our work prior to finalisation. We are also able to meet with you at our beautiful offices near the Supreme Court or your office if you are based in the Sydney CBD. We recognise that clients expect a high standard of service for their money and we aim to deliver by listening to your requirements and being meticulous and thorough in our approach. Goodsell Lawyers will work with you to meet your deadlines. 

If your matter is urgent and the stakes are high please let us know and, if necessary, we will work around the clock to ensure that your matter / case is successful.

Innovative, efficient processes and transparent pricing: Goodsell Lawyers are not a traditional law firm with large overheads, the cost of which needs to be passed on to you. Instead, we make use of the latest cutting-edge technology and innovative, cost-effective ways of operating to give you the best value for money. We offer fixed and packaged fees (useful for startup businesses) for most matters, as well as clear and transparent processes to keep you in the loop from beginning to end. We bill disputes by the hour as it is often impossible to determine how long a matter will take and what the cost will be. We can offer clients payment plans for certain matters.

Whether law firms like it or not, the profession is undergoing massive change. Clients now expect lawyers to bill like their other service providers. This means telling a client up-front how much legal work will cost (excluding disputes). We are one of the few quality law firms that does this. You can rest assured that just because we offer a fixed fee does not mean that you are sacrificing quality. Goodsell Lawyers are diligent, precise and committed. 

 Cutting-edge technology: We are a progressive law firm with a heavy focus on new and innovative technology, enabling us to give you the attention you deserve and resolve your matters more efficiently and effectively. 

Goodsell Lawyers are proud to have been selected as a network member for Sydney of the NEXTLAW Global Referral Network of Dentons - the world's largest global elite commercial law firm, who have offices in 125 cities worldwide. This network encompasses law firms of all sizes, including boutique law firms, such as ours. Being part of this network allows us to draw on the resources of other quality law firms, from boutique to international, in other States of Australia and globally.

Goodsell Lawyers are the corporate and commercial lawyers who share your business goals. We want to help you succeed – contact us now to book an initial complimentary consultation with an expert lawyer who truly understands your business. 

We can advise clients no matter where they are located in Australia or internationally. 


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